Digital skills have evolved massively over recent years, making them more important then maths and English. Recent studies show that a large percentage of marketers roles are now taken up by managing digital activities. Digital skills are not only helpful for digital job roles also impact on all job roles following recent booms in the digital world.

Acquiring basic digital skills can vastly improve your quality of life as well as opening up many more job opportunities.

Research has revealed that by 2020 there could be 800,000 jobs unfilled due to a shortfall in the basic online skills now needed in business. For many, the digital world is still a daunting one. On Google’s side, we have tried to do our part through hundreds of free face-to-face training schemes and a new online platform that makes digital skills accessible, personal and easy to learn. Stories from people like Osvaldo, Ania and Jonathon are key examples of how digital has transformed their business.

The digital world can take a small local business and make it a large national success, as long as you have the digital skills to make a business a hit in the digital world. Many small businesses branch out onto the web making them approachable by people from all over, therefore resulting in a bigger clientele and more successful company.

For many businesses, transitioning to digital technology can be a struggle however turning your business digital can be as simple as introducing your company to social media networks such as Facebook and twitter in order to reach out to the public and simply advertise your company. Once your company has conquered the digital world the only way is up! You will find that you open many more horizons and business prospects for yourself and your business.