Repaired Shed Roof and Pebbled Side Passage

Weather, wind and rain doesn’t just effect moods as if that’s not bad enough, it also effects our properties. As you can see this time it was a garden shed and oh my days the weather had been very destructive.

When we arrived at this property we soon found out that this garden shed would need a little bit more work than first anticipated by the home owners. Unfortunately for them, the roof was badly damaged and couldn’t just be repaired it had to be removed and replaced. Not only did the roof need removing and replacing, but also new felt and barge boards.

During this renovation of the garden shed, the clients wondered about what work could be done on the area surrounding the garden shed. Up until we completed the work on this property there was just overgrown weeds, but now The Houseman team has worked there magic again.

In the end we removed all overgrown weeds and then added a weed sheet, which will help solve future problems to the home owners may have in regards to weeds. Not only did that area of land need clearing it also needed levelling out so that the weed sheet could sit correctly on top. Leaving the area clear and level, will leave the area not only looking better but can help out the structure of the garden shed.

After leaving the property we were glad to hear that the house owners were very happy with the completed work. Another job well done.

If you require a new garden shed or a repair to your existing then give The Houseman a call Now on 0845 070 4047