Full Garden Landscaping

When you find that perfect property, sometimes it doesn’t always have everything that you want like that perfect garden area which is when you need your garden landscaping.

At The Houseman we like to consult with you the client, she what kind of ideas you have and sometimes suggest alternatives if what you want is not achievable within your budget with the area provided but we will always do our best to create an area perfect for the client and your needs.

Recently we were commissioned to landscape and design a garden that not only would make the home owners proud, but all their friends would be looking forward to an invite to have a glass of wine in the new, personalised garden.

When garden landscaping there are many aspects that people don’t necessarily think about. One of the options that we discussed with the clients was how we could make it easier for them to maintain. Once we have returned from work one of the first things you want to do is relax not necessarily garden… So the alternative was to remove some of the lawn area and add pebbles and chippings to make it easier to maintain.

Before The Houseman team got to work on this area, it wasn’t really being used for its full potential, by adding a path down the centre it really began to open up the garden. Having the area at the bottom of the garden raised up, added layers to the back area and also when seats were placed outside it was a great area to sit and relax whilst admiring the beautiful garden.

If you feel like you could do with a The Houseman’s magic touch or even just consult over some idea’s you might have, give us a call on 0845 0704047.