We were commissioned to lay a Garden Decking and Landscape Area within this garden in Wetherby. It has been decked out in some areas and concrete has also been layed down in order to create a shed area and a barbecue area. We then finished the Garden Decking and Landscape Area project off by laying down blue black slate to give the garden a lovely finish.

The first picture above shows the 50 square meters of decking whilst they are being laid down and the second picture above shows the concrete base being laid for the shed area and the barbecue area. As you can see from the progress pictures the project looked to have a promising finish and it certainly did.

The HouseMan were called in to complete a Garden Decking and Landscaped Areas project which involved laying down a decking platform of 50 square meters, followed by a concrete base for a shed area and a barbecue area. The customer then asked for the surrounding areas to be filled with blue black pebbles and of course The HouseMan rose to the task and completed it to a high standard which both the company and the customer were exceptionally pleased with! The project took 2 members of staff only 5 days to complete and they were even rewarding at the end of it by the customer himself because he was so grateful for their work.

The first picture below shows the Garden Decking and Landscaped Areas project once it was completely finished and the second image shows the completed decking, which I’m sure you can see for yourself was finished to a very high standard! Here at The HouseMan we promise you that whatever task you need our assistance with whether it be great or small we won’t leave the job until you’re happy with the level of quality it is finished at. We also offer customers a 10% discount on their next job with us if they leave us a review! Now we can’t say fairer than that surely!

At The HouseMan we are happy to take up any task you cannot complete yourself for whatever reason from putting up pictures to creating Garden decking and landscaped areas. Whatever you need The HouseMan can help you with! So give us a call on 01423 507942 for a free, no obligations quote!

This image shows the garden area completed with black blue slate laid in-between the decking and concrete.

This image shows the decking platform completed.