flogas concrete base flogas before after2 flogas before after3

Concrete base for Flogas tank installed for dry cleaning business in Harrogate.
More and more businesses are turning to LPG to reduce their costs and when they want to move into rural premises to reduce their rents and Flogas is one of the largest suppliers out there.
Fortunately Flogas like many other suppliers do not supply the concrete bases for their tanks or have a recommended supplier list leaving customers to search for reputable installers to make sure the job is done right and within the install time frame of Flogas and other suppliers.

The Houseman received this order for a Concrete Base For Flogas/LPG Tanks Installed into a existing industrial units flower bed with the base half in and half out and reinstalling a larger flower bed around for plantation to hide the tank. We had just a week from point of order to Flogas fitting the tank so went to work.
The tank area was dug out, re-kerbed and wooden barrier posts fitted, we poured a 2mtrx1mtrx100mm base (we can do any size or base) leveled and left to set, we then cut the trench for the gas pipe to the property.
Flogas installed the tank and we returned to finish the setup with a layer of topsoil ready for planting. This all took just 4 days including the Flogas install.
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