1205, 2016

Garden Office Concrete Base.

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Here we have a Garden Office Concrete Base being laid for a log cabin to be  installed.
Working  from hom,e can have its distractions, this client decided to move into the […]

1112, 2015

Concrete Base For Flogas/LPG Tanks Installed

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Concrete base for Flogas tank installed for dry cleaning business in Harrogate.
More and more businesses are turning to LPG to reduce their costs and when they want to […]

710, 2015

Garden Landscaping

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When you find that perfect property, sometimes it doesn’t always have everything that you want like that perfect garden area which is when you need your garden landscaping.

At The Houseman […]

210, 2015

Garden Shed

By |October 2nd, 2015|Decking, Fencing, Flat Packs, Gardens, Landscaping, Residential|0 Comments

Weather, wind and rain doesn’t just effect moods as if that’s not bad enough, it also effects our properties. As you can see this time it was a garden shed […]

2509, 2015

New Gate to Side of Property

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A new gate to the side of the property can be a necessity. Unfortunately security is a major concern to most householders these days and the side of the house […]

1709, 2015

Floor Levelling

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Sometimes when you walk into a property to quote for a job, you can immediately realise that things are a little more than they seem, in this case it was […]

2008, 2015

New Laminate Floor Makes All The Difference To This Hall.

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A client contacted us recently through our residential web page to replace her low value laminate floor which as these cheaper board floors can do had failed, was damaged and separating. […]

2307, 2015

New Loft Ladder Installed

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At The Houseman we can take care of all your jobs around the home. Installing all kinds of storage solutions whether flat packs, part builds or a bespoke build […]

2107, 2015

Carpet Fitting For A Local Charity

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Hi Guys!!

Well we haven’t blogged for a week or so but we have been so busy!

To some people having a carpet is taken for granted and as stated on the […]

107, 2015

Damn Damp but a Beautiful Refurbishment

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Hi Guys.

Well I have to say this is one of the most surprising jobs I have witnessed so far.

It all started when we got called to a bungalow in Yeadon […]